Bloggers do a lot of great work offering their readers valuable information and giving light to products made by hardworking designers. It is always good to see your own products in use, because it tells the designer about what people like and how to become better at their craft. Even if you are not selected or do not wish to be one of the bloggers receiving our free blog copies, we hope that you will share your pictures and posts with us. You can do this by sending us a notecard, commenting on a post or posting your images in our Flirckr group.

Harmaa Blogger Policy:

Bloggers may contact Jensen Inglewood for free review items.

We reserve the right to select bloggers we work with and to discontinue collaboration at any time, for any reason.

Bloggers are not permitted to sell or give away products given to them as review copies.

Your blog needs to be active and at least three months old. No adult only blogs. Your blog needs to be mainly about Second life, or if it is about Virtual worlds in general, Second Life grid needs to feature regularly.

Please always mention store name, SLurl, and product name in your posts. If you post images of Second Life on Flickr or similar services, and mention said information with the image, you may be suited for receiving review copies as well.

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