Harmaa - Store Policy


Thank you for visiting Harmaa, enjoy the purchases and free gifts.

All Harmaa products are original designs copyrighted to and legal property of the Second Life avatars Jensen Inglewood and Alana Pyara, and owner of avatar, in accordance to Second Life TOS and international copyright laws. Nobody else is allowed to sell or give away our products as freebies. Nobody else is allowed to take money in the name of Harmaa or either of these avatars. Please contact us about any avatar posing as a staff member or owner of Harmaa.

We reserve the right to make changes to any item and it's availability at any time, for any reason, including but not limited to pricing.

Be careful with your purchase. Make sure you read all vendor information before you buy. Permissions are always clearly stated in vendor image. Gifting is possible through our Marketplace store.

Product replacement will only be possible in cases of delivery failure or delivery error. If you have accidentally made a double purchase, or your product has not arrived within reasonable time, send a notecard with transaction history details to Jensen Inglewood. You need to log in to the Second Life website to find this information.

Copyright and intellectual property rules apply to all products, including fullperm items. You are however allowed to use fullperm materials in your own creations that you plan on selling, as long as the product is not set to fullperm.

Respect other customers and staff during your visit. All griefing and other forms of breaking Second Life TOS will be reported to Linden Labs. Follow sim rating. No nudity in the store or on store grounds. No violence, weapons, obstructing movement, pushing, or otherwise harmful behavior towards other avatars allowed. Spamming and self copying objects are strictly forbidden.

Bloggers may contact Jensen Inglewood for free review items. We reserve the right to select bloggers we work with and to discontinue collaboration at any time, for any reason. Bloggers are not permitted to sell or give away products given to them as review copies. Your blog needs to be active and at least three months old. No adult only blogs. Your blog needs to be mainly about Second life, or if it is about Virtual worlds in general, Second Life grid needs to feature regularly. Please always mention store name, SLurl, and product name in your posts. If you post images of Second Life on Flickr or similar services, and mention said information with the image, you may be suited for receiving review copies as well.

If you wish to have Harmaa participate in your event, send a notecard with full details to Jensen Inglewood. Any charity or cause we participate in supporting needs to be an official legal charity, with legal information about where the money goes easily accessible online. The vendors need to be official charity vendors where money goes straight to the charity organization through their official SL avatar. Sale events and event prize requests welcome as well. Anything we donate for prize will be clearly marked so.

Contact Jensen Inglewood with any questions and comments.

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